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Question 1:

A network engineer is preparing for an office site survey with a height of 2.5 meters. Which three components are recommended to complete the survey? (Choose three.)

A. Use a battery pack to power APs.

B. Use a drawing of the office space to draw AP and client placements.

C. Use DoS attack on APs while measuring the throughput.

D. Use APs with directional antennas.

E. Use APs with external antennas.

F. Use APs with built-in antennas.

Correct Answer: ABF

Question 2:

An engineer is designing a wireless network that will support many different types of wireless clients. When conducting the survey, which client must be used to ensure a consistent experience for all of the wireless clients?

A. the client that has the highest RF properties

B. the client that is used most by the company

C. the client that is used least by the company

D. the client with the worst RF characteristics

Correct Answer: B

Question 3:

An engineer has performed a predictive site survey for high-speed data and voice in an indoor office. What is the recommended data rate with -67 dBm signal level for optimal VoWLAN design?

A. 6 Mbps on 802.11 bgn

B. 24 Mbps on 802.11 bgn

C. 12 Mbps on 802.11 an

D. 24 Mbps on 802.11 an

Correct Answer: B

Question 4:

A customer is concerned about mesh backhaul link security. Which level of encryption does the backhaul link use?

A. hash




Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

As part of a wireless site survey in a hospital, an engineer needs to identify potential Layer 1 interferers. In which two areas is the engineer most likely to find sources of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz RF noise? (Choose two.)

A. magnetic resonance imaging

B. kitchen

C. Gamma Knife radiation treatment

D. X-ray radiography

E. patient room

Correct Answer: BE

Question 6:

Which three pieces of equipment are needed to conduct a fully measured wireless survey? (Choose three.)

A. PoE battery

B. spirit level

C. access point

D. tall tripod

E. goggles

F. ladder

Correct Answer: ACD

Question 7:

When conducting a site survey for real-time traffic over wireless, which two design capabilities of smartphones and tablets must be considered? (Choose two.)

A. no support for 802.11ac

B. higher data rates than laptops

C. fewer antennas than laptops

D. no support for 802.11r

E. lower data rates than laptops

Correct Answer: BC

Question 8:

Which two criteria must be considered when conducting an outdoor bridge site survey? (Choose two.)

A. near-far effect

B. weather

C. traffic lights

D. power lines

E. Fresnel zone

Correct Answer: AD

Question 9:

An engineer is performing a predictive wireless design for a medical treatment environment, which requires data and voice services. What is the minimum requirement for the design?

A. overlapping -72 dBm coverage from two access points

B. continuous -67 dBm coverage from one access point

C. continuous -72 dBm coverage from one access point

D. overlapping -67 dBm coverage from two access points

Correct Answer: B

Question 10:

Which non-Wi-Fi interferer can be identified by Metageek Chanalyzer?


B. jammers

C. smartphones

D. printers

Correct Answer: B

Question 11:

A wireless engineer is utilizing the voice readiness tool in Cisco Prime for a customer that wants to deploy Cisco IP phones. Which dBm range is the network inspected against?

A. -78 to -65 dBm

B. -72 to -67 dBm

C. -85 to -65 dBm

D. -85 to -67 dBm

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

What causes the most signal attenuation, based on the wireless design tools?

A. cinder block wall

B. metal door

C. glass wall

D. office window

Correct Answer: B

Question 13:

A wireless engineer is performing a post verification of a wireless network. Which two metrics does the engineer verify to ensure that the wireless network can support voice services? (Choose two.)

A. The coverage area must have a noise floor that does not exceed -87 dBm.

B. The client device must have at least an -67 dBm RSSI.

C. The rate of retransmitted packets must be 15 percent or below.

D. The rate of retransmitted packets must be 20 percent or below.

E. The client device must have at least an -65 dBm RSSI.

Correct Answer: BC

Question 14:

A wireless engineer is using Ekahau Site Survey to validate that an existing wireless network is operating as expected. Which type of survey should be used to identify the end-to-end network performance?

A. GPS assisted

B. spectrum analysis

C. passive

D. active ping

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

A medium-sized hospitality company with 50 hotels needs to upgrade the existing WLAN in each hotel to 802.11n. During the site surveys for each hotel, what needs to be taken into consideration when determining the locations for each AP?

A. Selecting APs that can be hidden in ceiling panels to provide a secure and clean aesthetic look.

B. Selecting locations that make visual assessment of the AP operation easy.

C. Selecting locations that are easily accessed so maintenance and upgrades can be performed quickly.

D. Selecting AP locations where power is already available.

Correct Answer: D

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