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Question 1:

Which of the following BEST describes the offensive participants in a tabletop exercise?

A. Red team

B. Blue team

C. System administrators

D. Security analysts

E. Operations team

Correct Answer: A

Question 2:

A system administrator who was using an account with elevated privileges deleted a large amount of log files generated by a virtual hypervisor in order to free up disk space. These log files are needed by the security team to analyze the health of the virtual machines. Which of the following compensating controls would help prevent this from reoccurring? (Select two.)

A. Succession planning

B. Separation of duties

C. Mandatory vacation

D. Personnel training

E. Job rotation

Correct Answer: BD

Question 3:

An organization has recently recovered from an incident where a managed switch had been accessed and reconfigured without authorization by an insider. The incident response team is working on developing a lessons learned report with recommendations. Which of the following recommendations will BEST prevent the same attack from occurring in the future?

A. Remove and replace the managed switch with an unmanaged one.

B. Implement a separate logical network segment for management interfaces.

C. Install and configure NAC services to allow only authorized devices to connect to the network.

D. Analyze normal behavior on the network and configure the IDS to alert on deviations from normal.

Correct Answer: B

Question 4:

File integrity monitoring states the following files have been changed without a written request or approved change. The following change has been made:

chmod 777 -Rv /usr

Which of the following may be occurring?

A. The ownership pf /usr has been changed to the current user.

B. Administrative functions have been locked from users.

C. Administrative commands have been made world readable/writable.

D. The ownership of/usr has been changed to the root user.

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

A security analyst has created an image of a drive from an incident. Which of the following describes what the analyst should do NEXT?

A. The analyst should create a backup of the drive and then hash the drive.

B. The analyst should begin analyzing the image and begin to report findings.

C. The analyst should create a hash of the image and compare it to the original drive\’s hash.

D. The analyst should create a chain of custody document and notify stakeholders.

Correct Answer: C

Question 6:

External users are reporting that a web application is slow and frequently times out when attempting to submit information. Which of the following software development best practices would have helped prevent this issue?

A. Stress testing

B. Regression testing

C. Input validation

D. Fuzzing

Correct Answer: A

Question 7:

A vulnerability scan has returned the following information:

Which of the following describes the meaning of these results?

A. There is an unknown bug in a Lotus server with no Bugtraq ID.

B. Connecting to the host using a null session allows enumeration of share names.

C. Trend Micro has a known exploit that must be resolved or patched.

D. No CVE is present, so it is a false positive caused by Lotus running on a Windows server.

Correct Answer: B

Question 8:

A cybersecurity analyst is conducting a security test to ensure that information regarding the web server is protected from disclosure. The cybersecurity analyst requested an HTML file from the web server, and the response came back as follows:

Which of the following actions should be taken to remediate this security issue?

A. Set “Allowlatescanning” to 1 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.

B. Set “Removeserverheader” to 1 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.

C. Set “Enablelogging” to 0 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.

D. Set “Perprocesslogging” to 1 in the URLScan.ini configuration file.

Correct Answer: B


Question 9:

An analyst has initiated an assessment of an organization\’s security posture. As a part of this review, the analyst would like to determine how much information about the organization is exposed externally. Which of the following techniques would BEST help the analyst accomplish this goal? (Select two.)

A. Fingerprinting

B. DNS query log reviews

C. Banner grabbing

D. Internet searches

E. Intranet portal reviews

F. Sourcing social network sites

G. Technical control audits

Correct Answer: DF

Question 10:

An organization is requesting the development of a disaster recovery plan. The organization has grown and so has its infrastructure. Documentation, policies, and procedures do not exist. Which of the following steps should be taken to assist in the development of the disaster recovery plan?

A. Conduct a risk assessment.

B. Develop a data retention policy.

C. Execute vulnerability scanning.

D. Identify assets.

Correct Answer: D

Question 11:

An analyst was tasked with providing recommendations of technologies that are PKI X.509 compliant for a variety of secure functions. Which of the following technologies meet the compatibility requirement? (Select three.)








Correct Answer: BDF

Question 12:

After completing a vulnerability scan, the following output was noted:

Which of the following vulnerabilities has been identified?

A. PKI transfer vulnerability.

B. Active Directory encryption vulnerability.

C. Web application cryptography vulnerability.

D. VPN tunnel vulnerability.

Correct Answer: C

Question 13:

A company has recently launched a new billing invoice website for a few key vendors. The cybersecurity analyst is receiving calls that the website is performing slowly and the pages sometimes time out. The analyst notices the website is receiving millions of requests, causing the service to become unavailable. Which of the following can be implemented to maintain the availability of the website?


B. Honeypot

C. Whitelisting


E. MAC filtering

Correct Answer: C

Question 14:

A security audit revealed that port 389 has been used instead of 636 when connecting to LDAP for the authentication of users. The remediation recommended by the audit was to switch the port to 636 wherever technically possible. Which of the following is the BEST response?

A. Correct the audit. This finding is a well-known false positive; the services that typically run on 389 and 636 are identical.

B. Change all devices and servers that support it to 636, as encrypted services run by default on 636.

C. Change all devices and servers that support it to 636, as 389 is a reserved port that requires root access and can expose the server to privilege escalation attacks.

D. Correct the audit. This finding is accurate, but the correct remediation is to update encryption keys on each of the servers to match port 636.

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

A security analyst is reviewing IDS logs and notices the following entry:

Which of the following attacks is occurring?

A. Cross-site scripting

B. Header manipulation

C. SQL injection

D. XML injection

Correct Answer: C