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Question 1:

What is the size of the scrum team?

A. typically 10 or fewer people

B. this differs every sprint

C. at least 8 people

D. 3 to 11

Correct Answer: A

The scrum guide says: “The Scrum Team is small enough to remain nimble and large enough to complete significant work within a Sprint, typically 10 or fewer people. ”

Question 2:

The developers should have all the skills needed to:

A. Do all the work except for deployment

B. Complete the work in the within the foreseen time and costs

C. Create a potentially releasable increment from the product backlog items

Correct Answer: C

Developers are cross-functional, this means that they have all the skills necessary to create value each sprint.

Question 3:

What is a mock object?

A. A mock helps you create a build script

B. Mocks, stubs, dummies, fakes and shims are all the same

C. A mock is a way to initialize the database for testing

D. A test object that mimics the behavior of a dependency in the system under test

Correct Answer: D

Question 4:

What is an integration test?

A. A test of the user interface

B. A test that runs during a continuous integration build

C. A test of multiple units of functionality

D. A test of a single unit of functionality

Correct Answer: C

An integration test is a test of multiple units of functionality.

Question 5:

The role of the scrum master during the daily scrum is:

A. Manage the meeting

B. All of these

C. Lead the discussion

D. Ensure that the meeting takes place and that its timebox won\’t be exceeded

E. Make sure all three questions of the daily scrum are answered

Correct Answer: E

The scrum master doesn\’t need to be present during the daily scrum. Neither does the daily scrum need to consist of three questions, which is a commonly chosen format though.

Question 6:

What is the commitment for the product backlog?

A. Product goal

B. Sprint goal

C. Sprint planning outcome

D. Definition of done

Correct Answer: A

If you are not sure, please review the section scrum artifacts in the scrum guide.

Question 7:

Your team is one of seven teams working on a product. All teams use the same version control system. Which is the best approach to deliver high-quality increments?

A. Each team\’s automated build is integrated toward the end of the sprint

B. Developers should perform a combination of local and private builds

C. Each team should have its own automated build

D. There is one automated build for all teams

Correct Answer: D

This way there are no surprises near the end of the sprint or during delivery and the increment will be most stable as possible.

Question 8:

What event is timeboxed?

A. Daily Scrum

B. Sprint

C. Sprint planning

D. All of these

E. Sprint review

F. Sprint retrospective

Correct Answer: D

All the scrum events are timeboxed.

Question 9:

What are two responsibilities of testers in the scrum team? (choose two)

A. Finding bugs

B. Tracking quality metrics

C. All developers are responsible for quality

D. Verifying the work of the programmers

E. Scrum has no tester role

Correct Answer: CE

Specific roles don\’t exist in scrum, developers are creating the value.

Question 10:

Several scrum teams share the scrum master. Developers of multiple teams approach the scrum master, because they need fulltime commitment from the same technical specialist for the next sprint.

What should the scrum master consider for the response to this problem? Choose the two best answers.

A. The need for a stable velocity

B. The benefit of the teams figuring it out theirselves

C. The need to have all developers busy with work

D. The ability of the scrum teams to produce integrated increments

Correct Answer: BD

The working increment is the goal of the sprint and should be kept in mind. The self- managing aspect of the teams is also crucial to take in mind. Stable velocity and optimally used developers are not the scrum master\’s concern.

Question 11:

What is the step to take in TDD after the tests have failed?

A. Meet with the team to see why it fails

B. Change the test in a way that is passes

C. Run it again to verify it fails.

D. Write the code to satisfy the test

Correct Answer: D

In TDD you start with writing the test before the code. This test cannot pass. If it does, the test is wrong. When the tests are written, the production code to satisfy the test will be written. Once all the tests succeeds, the product code is done.

Question 12:

What topics can be addressed during the sprint review? Choose the best answer.

A. The scrum process

B. All of these

C. The increment

D. Coding and engineering practices

Correct Answer: B

These are all potentional topics for the sprint review. If you are not sure, please read the sprint review section in the scrum guide again.

Question 13:

What is not a desirable characteristics of a unit test? Test code is as small as possible

A. Execution is fast

B. Independent of others

C. Includes exercising the persistence layer

D. Makes assertions about only one logical concept

Correct Answer: C

you don\’t want your unit test to really make changes so it cannot exercise the real persistence layer.

Question 14:

The purpose of a sprint is to produce a done increment of product

A. False

B. True

Correct Answer: B

The sprint is the heartbeat of scrum, during the sprint the increment is created. The increment must be usable and all the work that\’s part of the increment should adhere to the definition of done.

Question 15:

The right time to refactor code using TDD is

A. After the tests passes

B. When preparing legacy code for unit tests

C. When I can see the debt building in the code

D. After the tests fails

Correct Answer: A

You should refactor as soon as possible, but before the tests passes it cannot be refactored, because then it is not esatablished just yet. So it would still be part of the first version if changes would be made then.

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