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Question 1:

Which complication does a NAT introduce in SDP for a SIP call?

A. Additional headers due to NAT encapsulation can cause the packet size to exceed the MTU.

B. When the client is behind a NAT they may be unable to determine the appropriate offset due to time zones.

C. The IP address specified in the connection data field may be an unrouteable internal address.

D. The encryption keys advertised in the SDP are only valid for clients not behind a NAT.

Correct Answer: D

Question 2:

A company already has a Cisco Unified Communications Manager for internal audio and video traffic, but it requires video communication with external partners and customers. It is important to ensure security for the deployment and the connectivity.

What must be set up to enable this requirement?

A. Cisco Unified Border Element and Cisco ASA Firewall

B. Cisco Unified Border Element and Cisco Firepower Firewall

C. Cisco Expressway-C and Cisco Expressway-E

D. Cisco Expressway-C and Cisco Unified Border Element

Correct Answer: C

Question 3:

When an Expressway-E is configured for static NAT, which Session Description Protocol attribute is modified to reflect the NAT address?

A. SDP b-line

B. SIP record route

C. SDP c-line

D. SDP m-line

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

A company is installing Cisco Collaboration infrastructure and one of the requirements is that they must be able to communicate with many external parties that are using H.323 and SIP. Internally they want to register the endpoints only on SIP.

Which functionality would describe the feature that needs to be enabled and where to achieve this?

A. Interworking in Expressway-C

B. Transcoding in Cisco Unified Communications Manager

C. Transcoding in Expressway-C

D. Interworking in Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Correct Answer: B

Question 5:

What is a key configuration requirement for Hybrid Message Service High Availability deployment with multiple IM and Presence clusters?

A. You must have the Intercluster Sync Agent working across your IM and Presence clusters.

B. You must have the Intercluster Lookup Service working across all of your IM and Presence clusters.

C. Your IM and Presence Service clusters must have Multiple Device Messaging disabled.

D. AXL service should be activated only on the publisher of each IM and Presence cluster.

Correct Answer: A

Question 6:

Cisco Collaboration endpoints are exchanging encrypted signaling messages.

What is one major complication in implementing NAT ALG for voice and video devices?

A. Internal endpoints cannot use addresses from the private address space.

B. The NAT ALG cannot inspect the contents of encrypted signaling messages.

C. NAT ALG introduces jitter in the voice path.

D. Source addresses cannot provide the destination addresses that remote endpoints should use for return packets.

Correct Answer: B

Question 7:

What are two reasons why port 8443 is unreachable from the Internet to the Expressway-E? (Choose two.)

A. The MRA license is missing on the Expressway-E.

B. The Unified Communications zone is down.

C. Transform is not configured on Expressway-E.

D. The SRV record for _cisco-uds is misconfigured.

E. The firewall is blocking the port.

Correct Answer: DE

Question 8:

Which media encryption mode can be configured on an Expressway zone?

A. Advanced Encryption Standard

B. IPsec

C. Triple Data Encryption Standard

D. force unencrypted

Correct Answer: A

Question 9:

What is the purpose of a transform in the Expressway server?

A. A transform has the function as a neighbor zone in the Expressway. It creates a connection with another server.

B. A transform changes the audio codec when the call goes through the Expressway.

C. A transform is used to route calls to a destination.

D. A transform changes an alias that matches certain criteria into another alias.

Correct Answer: D

Question 10:

An organization with a domain name of example.com.

Which two SRV records are valid for a SIP and H.323 communication? (Choose two.)

A. _sips._tcp.example.com

B. _sips._udp.example.com

C. _h323ls._udp.example com

D. _h323ls._tcp.example.com

E. _collab-edge._tls.example.com

Correct Answer: AC

Question 11:

What is the Cisco-recommended key length in bits for a Cisco Expressway certificate?

A. 1024

B. 2048

C. 4096

D. 8192

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

Refer to the exhibit. Which two numbers match the regular expression? (Choose two.)

A. d20d16d20d22

B. 2091652010224

C. 209165200225

D. d209d165d200d224

E. 209165200224

Correct Answer: CE

Question 13:

Which role does Call Policy play when preventing toll fraud on Expressways?

A. It controls which calls are allowed, which calls are rejected, and which calls are redirected to a different destination.

B. It changes the calling and called number on a call.

C. It changes the audio protocol used by a call through Expressways.

D. It changes the audio codec used in a call through Expressways.

Correct Answer: A

Question 14:

What happens to the encrypted signaling traffic of a collaboration device if you place it inside a firewall with private IP addresses and try to make a call over IP without any collaboration infrastructure?

A. The signaling makes it back to the endpoint because the firewall is an application layer gateway and provides address translation.

B. Encrypted IP traffic for collaboration devices always is trusted by the firewall.

C. The signaling does not make it back to the endpoint because the firewall cannot inspect encrypted traffic.

D. The signaling makes it back to the endpoint because the endpoint sent the private address to the external endpoint.

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

Which statement about scheduling Expressway backups is true?

A. It is not supported on the application.

B. It is allowed from the application CLI of the Expressway only.

C. It is allowed from the application CLI and GUI of the Expressway.

D. It is allowed from the application GUI of the Expressway only.

Correct Answer: C

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