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Real HP HPE6-A29 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (Q1-Q20)

Which statements describe the benefits of the HP Converged Infrastructure.? (Select two.)
A. It uses common hardware to lower cost and makes it easier for customers to manage.
B. It enables customers to allocate costs for storage, servers and networking usage.
C. It is built to exist not only in an HP world, but in the heterogeneous world as well.
D. It allows existing equipment in the data center to be consolidated by at least 75%.
E. It provides a single operating system for all servers and storage devices.
Correct Answer: A,C

What is the preferred way to promote and position Storage Essentials Professional Edition (SEPE) to your customers?
A. Your customer’s storage team will no longer need to be involved in strategic storage issues.
B. Your customer can manage their storage lifecycle by analyzing system-wide capacity in real time.
C. Your customer’s organization will finally be able to decrease their dependence on business process automation.
D. The SEPE software maps virtual servers, storage network, and storage device connectivity quickly using virtual server agents.
Correct Answer: B

Your education customer needs to provide personal computing facilities in several dedicated computer rooms to support a large number of students at very low cost Which product line should you offer?
A. HP ElitePad
B. HP Business Desktops
C. HP Zero Clients
D. HP ProDesk
Correct Answer: B

Which HP Storage strategy helps customers achieve better storage utilization without incurring capital expenditures for additional storage capacity?
A. application integration
B. scale-out virtualization
C. storage simplification
D. platform convergence
Correct Answer: B

Which customer storage requirement is addressed with HP Thin Provisioning, HP StoreOnce Deduplication, HP Smart Tiers, and HP Insight Control?
A. application integration
B. storage virtualization
C. platform convergence
D. storage optimization
Correct Answer: D

In a 2010 Enterprise Strategy Group survey, organizations were asked what the most important consideration was when evaluating a scale-out solution. HPE6-A29 dumps Which category did nearly 60% of the respondents view as the most important?
A. reduced cost of infrastructure
B. reduced power and cooling requirements
C. reduced data center floor space requirements
D. reduced IT staff-related costs
Correct Answer: A

What is the primary target customer market for the HP OfficeJet Pro and OfficeJet Pro X?
A. Small and medium business
B. Large enterprise
C. Home office
D. Mid-market
Correct Answer: A

What is a benefit of business value selling?
A. It allows customers to compare the features and advantages of a particular product and assess the potential benefits for their organization.
B. It enables customers to review quotations from different organizations and determine the optimum solution based on product needs.
C. It ensures customers are able to realistically compare product features and advantages and determine the best solution for their organization.
D. It moves the conversation from price and product features and enables the customer to recognize the tangible value of the solution in the context of their business needs.
Correct Answer: D

Your customer needs a personal computing device for their reception area. Which form factor would you recommend?
A. All in One (AiO)
B. Q Ultra Slim Desktop (USDT)
C. Small Form Factor (SFF)
D. Tower (TWE)
Correct Answer: A

Which HP capability replaces the BIOS boot block if a virus corrupts the notebook?
A. HP Device Manager
B. HP Sure Start
C. HP ProtectTools
D. HP Page Lift
Correct Answer: B

Which HP capability allows IT administration staff to prevent the use of unwanted USB keys?
A. HP Device Manager
B. HP Universal Print Driver
C. HP WebJetadmin
D. HP Embedded Web Server
Correct Answer: A

Your customer will be installing 30 Z620 workstations in a large room. Their current installation is so noisy that the users are complaining they cannot work effectively.
How would you describe the approximate noise level these 30 workstations will make if they are all operating their SATA drives?
A. About the noise level of a calm room, like a library, 20-30 db
B. About the noise level of normal conversation, 40-60 db
C. About the noise level of traffic on a busy road. 80-90 db
D. About the noise level of a jackhammer, more than 100db
Correct Answer: B

Which management software solution allows IT administrators to manage PCs remotely and deploy images directly to the device?
A. Insight Control management software
B. Data Protector management software
C. LANDesk management software
D. HP Embedded Web Server software
Correct Answer: C

Your customer needs to process 3D graphics and 4kvideo manipulation in real time. HPE6-A29 dumps Which HP workstation should you recommend?
A. HPZ230
B. HPZ420
C. HP Z620
D. HPZ820
Correct Answer: D

Which statements describe the business value of HP Web Jetadmin? (Select two.)
A. Print volumes can be centrally controlled, thereby reducing paper and ink costs.
B. Users can securely share files and send to SharePoint or similar folder types.
C. Customers can automatically configure new devices through HP Web Jetadmin, reducing the amount of IT resources required.
D. From a single software solution, customers can remotely install, monitor, maintain, troubleshoot, and secure their imaging and printing environment
E. Many tasks can be automated so customers can effectively increase return on imaging and printing device investments and boost business productivity.
Correct Answer: DE

Which software platforms represent key ISV partners used in typical workstation applications?
A. Microsoft, Oracle, and Sybase
B. LANDesk, Tivoli, and Arc serve
C. Sage, PeopleSoft, and Apache
D. Autodesk. Adobe, and ANSYS
Correct Answer: D

Which key feature of the HP ElitePad 900 distinguishes it as a true business tablet and reduces the need to port or develop applications?
A. Integration with HP Web Jetadmin
B. X86 compatibility with existing Windows applications
C. 16:10 Aspect Ratio
D. Remote connectivity to HP LANDesk
Correct Answer: B

What is the advantage to the customer of HP pigmented inks with enhanced durability?
A. Reduced risk of smearing and fading
B. Lower entry price
C. A lower cost per page because cartridges last longer
D. No leakage from cartridges
Correct Answer: A

Which characteristic of the HP EliteDesk Mini makes it suitable for video surveillance?
A. It is the industry’s smallest enterprise-class desktop PC
B. Its volume measures 1.05L, which is smaller than a desk phone.
C. It has flexible deployment options.
D. It requires very low power when idling (8 watts).
Correct Answer: A

Which product would you recommend to a customer who needs a dedicated device connected to their PC to scan approximately 1,500 documents per day? HPE6-A29 dumps
A. HP Digital Sender Flow 8500 Document Capture Workstation
B. HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow Color MFP 575
C. HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP M525
D. HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow 5000 s2 Sheet Feed Scanner
Correct Answer: D

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