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Question 1:

Refer to the exhibit.

You are designing a spanning-tree network for a small campus. Which two of these options would result in a trouble-free spanning-tree network design? (Choose two.)

A. Convert all ports to trunk ports, prune off the VLANs that you do not require, and minimize the number of blocking ports.

B. Introduce Layer 3 VLANs (SVIs) and prune off the VLANs that you do not require.

C. Convert all the ports to trunk and enable BackboneFast.

D. Convert all the ports to trunk and enable UplinkFast between all the links.

Correct Answer: AB

Question 2:

As part of the security protocol for your network design, you have designated that option 82 is enabled for DHCP snooping. When option 82 is enabled, which information will be added to the DHCP request?

A. switch MAC address and VLAN, module, and port

B. remote ID and circuit ID

C. switch IP address and VLAN, module, and port

D. switch MAC address and switch IP address

Correct Answer: B

Question 3:

An IBGP mesh design is being scoped, and in the discussions, one of the design engineers proposes the use of route reflectors. Which limitation is valid when using route reflectors in this design?

A. The configuration complexity on the routers will be increased.

B. Route reflectors will limit the total number of routes in the topology.

C. Multipath information is difficult to propagate in a route reflector topology.

D. Route reflectors will cause an opportunity to create routing loops.

Correct Answer: C

Question 4:

Refer to the exhibit.

Which routes in this network will be installed in the routing table at router E?

A. the OSPF route

B. the EIGRP route

C. the OSPF and EIGRP routes

D. neither the OSPF nor the EIGRP route

Correct Answer: C

Question 5:

In which two ways is IPv4 and IPv6 traffic handled in a network design that uses QoS deployment options? (Choose two.)

A. IPv6 and IPv4 traffic is treated in the same way by using a single QoS policy that classifies and matches on both protocols.

B. IPv6 traffic is treated differently than IPv4 by using the flow-label field, which is built into the IPv6 packet header.

C. IPv6 traffic does not require QoS because it uses to the flow-label field, which classifies and matches on the IPv6 protocol.

D. IPv6 traffic is treated differently than IPv4 by using two different QoS policies.

E. IPv6 traffic is treated differently than IPv4 because it uses only the DSCP value and not the IP precedence.

Correct Answer: AD

Question 6:

FIFO queuing is being used on all routers in a network. The primary application running on the network is data backup using FTP. At certain times, users experience cyclical performance degradation.

What two things might mitigate this problem and help ensure bandwidth is used effectively in the network? (Choose two.)

A. traffic shaping


C. traffic policing



Correct Answer: BD

Question 7:

You are a network designer and have been asked to consult with your server operations team to further enhance the security of the network. The operations team provides you with these details about the network:

A pool of servers is accessed by numerous data centers and remote sites. The servers are accessed via a cluster of firewalls.

The firewalls are configured properly and are not dropping traffic.

The firewalls occasionally cause asymmetric routing of traffic within the server data center.

Which technology would you recommend to enhance security by limiting traffic that could originate from a hacker compromising a workstation and redirecting flows at the servers?

A. Access control lists to limit sources of traffic that exits the server-facing interface of the firewall cluster

B. Poison certain subnets by adding static routes to Null0 on the server farm core switches.

C. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding in strict mode

D. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding in loose mode

Correct Answer: D

Question 8:

You are the lead network designer hired by Service Provider XYZ to deploy CoS functionality on the core MPLS network (P routers). The goal of the network design is to provide a complete CoS solution to all customers that purchase services such as dedicated internet access, MPLS L3VPN, and L2VPN (pseudowire). Service Provider XYZ has these design requirements:

The network supports four service queues with equal treatment for delay, jitter, and packet loss.

Queues are numbered 0-3, where 0 is the default queue.

Three queues have one treatment.

One queue has either one or two treatments.

How would you design your solution to map the DSCP value properly so that the traffic is assigned to the respective queues in the Service Provider XYZ MPLS core network?

A. Classify traffic according to DSCP value into appropriate P router queues.

B. Map the appropriate DSCP value into the EXP field based on the number of queues in the MPLS P routers.

C. Map the appropriate DSCP value into the EXP field based on the number of queues in the MPLS PE routers.

D. Based on the DSCP value, traffic is mapped automatically into appropriate queues in the MPLS CE routers.

Correct Answer: C

Question 9:

A large enterprise customer is migrating thousands of retail offices from legacy TDM circuits to an Ethernetbased service. The network is running OSPF and has been stable for many years. It is now possible to backhaul the circuits directly to the data centers, bypassing the regional aggregation routers. Which two networking issues need to be addressed to ensure stability with the new design? (Choose two.)

A. Nothing will change if the number of offices is the same.

B. Nothing will change if the number of physical interfaces stays the same.

C. The RIB will increase significantly.

D. The FIB will increase significantly.

E. The amount of LSA flooding will increase significantly.

F. The size of the link-state database will increase significantly.

Correct Answer: EF

Question 10:

Which resource does a TCP SYN flood attack target?

A. connection tables on the target host

B. send buffers on transit routers

C. shared memory on the routers closest to the target

D. SYN cookies on the target host

Correct Answer: A

Question 11:

What statement is true about designing a policy in which more than one class share a queue?

A. It must be avoided under all circumstances.

B. It will result in a negative class.

C. It requires consideration of the performance targets of classes sharing the queue.

D. It should be deployed throughout the network to simplify the design.

Correct Answer: C

Question 12:

Which three statements about EIGRP route summarization are correct? (Choose three.)

A. By default, all EIGRP routes are automatically summarized; all routes will be summarized unless the noauto summary command is configured.

B. By default, EIGRP automatically summarizes internal routes, but only each time a major network boundary is crossed.

C. EIGRP route summarization can reduce the query diameter to help prevent SIA problems.

D. Summary routes are inserted in the routing table with a next hop of null 0 and a high administrative distance, to prevent black holing of traffic.

E. The metric for each summarized route is inherited from the lowest metric of the component routes.

Correct Answer: BCE

Question 13:

Which mechanism should be added to a network design to identify unidirectional Spanning Tree Protocol failures through BPDU loss?


B. loop guard

C. BPDU guard?

D. root guard

Correct Answer: B

Question 14:

Refer to the exhibit.

All routers in this network are configured to run OSPF on all interfaces. If you examine the OSPF database on R4, in which LSA will you find

A. is in a network (type 2) LSA originated by R3.

B. is in a summary (type 3) LSA originated by R3.

C. is not in any LSA in the OSPF database at R4, because R4 and R3 are in different areas.

D. is in a router (type 1) LSA generated by R3.

Correct Answer: B

Question 15:

Your company plans to implement an Internet gateway router that is performing NAT. This same gateway will be terminating various IPsec tunnels to other remote sites. Which address type is appropriate for the ACL that will govern the sources of traffic entering the tunnel in the inside interface?

A. inside local

B. inside global

C. outside local

D. outside global

Correct Answer: B

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